To New Beginnings


It’s been awhile since I’ve started a blog but better late than never. My first blog Genesis Moments – A Writer’s Journey was all about new starts and so here I am starting fresh again hoping this site will eventually be my main site with lots to offer.

It’s a beginning with a long way to go!

My second blog, DIYFrugal holds the articles I wrote for the local paper for three years and now continues to share sales and deals.

On this site, I will be featuring all the parts of my life that build my professional face to the world: my coursework in Social Media Management, my entertainment reviews, my travel reviews and much more.

I hope you will enjoy joining me on this journey into the world of media and entertainment!

And, if you are wondering why my first image on this blog is a strange beagle in a butterfly costume, it’s our dog Carmel. She really doesn’t like wearing costumes but poor thing, we did it to her anyway.



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