Create Your Own Photo Phone Case with Cellairis

Recently, I received a free code to try creating a custom phone case using an image of my choice. I don’t have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy so I gave the code to my daughter who is getting an iPhone for Christmas (or so she has asked Santa). She made a case in anticipation of what’s coming.

My daughter is 15 and digitally savvy so I was interested in seeing if she could handle the  process herself. I handed her the card with the code and left for dinner.

I get a call at dinner, “My case is ready.”

I’m like absorbed in my dinner conversation and have no clue what she is talking about. “What exactly does that mean?”

“My phone case,” she replies. She has it ready with an image she likes and wants to submit.

“Great,” I reply and she hits the submit button and I am back to my dinner conversation. Eeezy Peezy.

When I got home, I asked what image she used – one of her or one from the Internet. Here is the one she choose (because if for ANY reason she doesn’t get the iPhone 5S, she wanted to be able to give it to a friend.)

horse abstract

After uploading the image, the website led Laura through the process of cropping the image using a phone case template, as seen below. It’s hard to see since the image didn’t save well and we don’t have the phone case yet but you can see how my daughter selected her favorite part of the horse to show on the case.

Custom Photo Phone Case


And, now we wait! The site says it ships in 72 hours so hopefully it will arrive soon. I am thinking I’ll wrap it up for Christmas once it comes in since it’s so cool!

To design your own case, check out the Cellairis Shout! phone options and design center. In addition to the custom phone cases, Cellairis sells other cool pre-made cases like the Rapture Ekon and other accessories like iPad keyboard cases, headsets, earbuds and more.



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