Summer Highlights: #SweetSuite14 at Blogger Bash #BBNYC

Blogger Bash 2014What a summer. I knew it would fly by and it certainly has but not without the most awesome, amazing mid-summer event called Blogger Bash event in NYC this last July.

Between running kids to camp and traveling to my mom’s and to the mountains, I had the opportunity to swing up to New York for a quick overnight stay. I wasn’t 100% sure I would be able to attend Sweet Suite on the first night since it came down to the wire the day before when my teenager took her driver’s license test. The entire 2nd half of the summer rested on whether she passed and … wait for it… she PASSED and YES, my freedom to attend Sweet Suite and head out for travel plans for the next two weeks were an official GO. Yay!

Now, on to the party. The two day event started with a VIP experience with several guest appearances including Big Ang from Mob Wives. During the day, we also received a lovely handbag from MZWallace.  We also heard the latest from the Disney Infinity peeps and got a sneak peek at new characters being added.

mz wallace #bbnyc

You can see above a couple of PSMM (Philly Social Media Moms) ladies with our MZ Wallace bag swag. (Instagram photo by Whitney of Mommies with Style.)

I also talked to the one and only amazing my social media hero Ciaran Blumenthal, founder of Hashtracking, in the hallway and over dinner that night. Love the site for tracking hashtags, love her.


In the evening, everyone was treated to the one and only Sweet Suite with vendors of all sorts who came out to show off the hottest new toys.

Loved the idea of these new Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatches for kids — bringing kids into this generation in a fun way; though, knowing the propensity of kids to focus on the gross and bizarre and embarrassing, the photo-taking & video options worried me a little.

vTech watches


Loved these quality costumes by Just Pretend Kids. Check out their site for new all-in-one party box options.



And, the awesome cold tea options by Rooibee Red Tea made the event that much sweeter! So very delish.

Rooibee Red Tea

On day two, participants were treated to more events, speakers and sponsor highlights. Starting mid-day, I excused myself from the masses and join in the prep for #EAEvents from 4-6 pm after quickly jumping into the Bloganthropy awards to check out all the awesome bloggers nominated and recognized for using social media for good, run by Debbie Bookstaber.

bloganthropy awards


And, then in the middle of the events, I got a call to come pick up the MiP Robot! My card had been drawn from the bowl where I dropped it earlier. How totally fun. I love winning things. The MiP is equipped with GestureSense™ Technology and responds to hand motions & objects to move.

MiP Robot

Returning home, I left for two weeks of travel, during which my very special Sweet Suite Box arrived! I don’t have room in one post here to list every single vendor but below you see listed my 10 faves from the event and/or box. You may see some more of the products showing up in upcoming posts and you can see both links to the companies and to where you can buy most of them on Amazon below.

Sweet Suite Swag #BBNYC 2014

10 of my fave items from the event/swag box included:

1. Skylanders by Activision – a hot item with my nephew. He went nuts over the one that came in my box.

2. Creativity Can by Faber-Castell – My girls were immediately drawn to the variety of materials and at separate times, created their own imaginary figures from the items in the can.

3. Disney Infinity (We actually received a Tinker Bell at the party to carry home.)

4. SpinMaster Kinectic Sand which I saw at the event or SandsAlive by PlayVisions which we received in our box.

5. SpinMaster Zoomer – a fun robot dog you can train to do tricks.

6. Banagrams WildTiles – The game is changing! Try your hand at the new WildTiles version.

7. Blox & Bits by Goldie Blox – The toys for future innovators and engineers! Book set meets construction set for girls.

8. Kidz Bop 26 Biggest Hits sung by kids for kids. Despite all the ways to get music out there, it’s still nice to get pre-made compilations you can trust and pop into the car CD player when out and about or in the boombox at home.

9.  Minecraft Toys by Mojang – My teen daughters love collectible items representing their favorite games. Minecraft, which takes up plenty of their time, is not exception.

10.  Reverse Charades by USAopoly. With older kids, we love all the games we can get. We haven’t tried this one yet but I am looking forward to it.

Here are the items (or similar) listed above on Amazon:

What fun, huh?! What is a favorite item you see pictured here?


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