Sarah PeppelShort bio: I am the Director of Student Success & Career Development at the University of Valley Forge, a freelance entertainment #Writer, adjunct professor of #SocialMediaMgt & brand communications.

If you are looking for either blogs GenesisMoments.com or DIYFrugal.com, they now point to this site only. Content on those sites are no longer accessible.

Most recently, Sarah Peppel served as the Director of Communications & Media at a global non-profit where she handled media & communications needs and created online training for Christian healthcare workers–a course now being used around the world. She has 20+ years of marketing, development, public speaking, strategic implementation and office management experience. She is also an adjunct digital media professor at the University of Valley Forge. Sarah has her Masters of Science in Business Administration with a specialty in Urban Economic Development and is listed in the book “Power Moms.” 

Sarah previously ran the blogs: Genesis Moments and DIY Frugal and organized the BeThereOnline conference in 2011 for local businesses and non-profits. In addition to organizing blogging events in the Philadelphia area, Sarah worked as an extra in several motion pictures including The Last Airbender, Law Abiding Citizen, The Lovely Bones, and Silver Linings Playbook. Sarah lives outside Philadelphia with her talented husband, co-host of The Handyguys, and her two daughters.

Read about press and writing activities on my press page or see my LinkedIn profile.

If you need to reach me for any reason, you are welcome to email me at sarah (at) peppel (dot) com.