To Keep or Return #GoogleGlass . That is the question…

Google Glass

Today is my first full day with Google Glass and as I sit here tethered to my computer, charging the device which seems to have a very short battery life, I am already wondering how soon I should pack up this cool new technology and send it back despite its promising application. Buyers remorse is already setting in.

Google Glass created an air of scarcity when they allowed a select group to opt-in as Beta testers or Google Explorers who still had to pay for the opportunity but would be able to give suggestions and try apps for the first time. As an adjunct professor and avid use of media, I can officially say I was sucked in like  Dorothy to the Land of Oz.

I have never paid for a Mac or iPhone (preferring the less expensive and equally effective Dell for my laptop and MotoX for my smartphone) but somehow this caught me eye as something cool – something to try and to be one of the first testers – I got sucked into the idea of exclusivity – “early adopter” a point at which the price doesn’t yet match the usefulness of the device.



In case it’s not obvious, you do need a smartphone to tether to for calls, etc. Of course, you are required to have a Google account and need to buy through Google wallet.

Set-up was easy but swiping  and clicking between options gets a bit confusing. It’s going to take practice. Basically, you can tap & swipe the device to select several choices (including do a Google search, take a picture, take a video, make a call via BlueTooth with your phone, search Google via Wifi and more as apps like games & recipes are added). You can also train it to respond to voice commands (which I have to say really annoys the people around me but could be quite useful if I can get it to learn that I am searching for an Easter dessert not an Easter desert.)

As for navigation, sometimes you get lost and aren’t quite sure how to get back to where you started – time to revisit the instruction videos. The wink to take a picture is pretty cool but has my husband and kids running for cover when I turn their way with the glasses on. I also like that the screen shades when you go into the light. The picture here shows clip-on shades as well but the actual device is a wire frame that does not have glass.

I do like the recipe app but I need to figure out why the ingredients aren’t on the first swipe page. More research.

I am giving myself a week or two to try it. If either I don’t have the time to research and make it more useful, it’s gotta go back. The price is still giving me hives. My husband is already saying it needs to go back despite his infinite love for technology (remember he’s the one that insisted we stick with Windows and Android based devices).

UPDATE: Day 2: Return has been initiated. Despite some promising apps, the functionality is too redundant against all the other technology I have for my purposes and the price makes me too nervous to take it out where it would probably be more useful – like price shopping, research, etc. Hope the price comes down ALOT so I can try it again without worrying about every move.