New Pink Ribbon Bracelets by Joseph Nogucci

Recently I received this lovely Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet by Joseph Nogucci for review. The bracelet features beads carved with pink ribbons set in a string of silver Rhodium plated charms and sewn with a pink nylon cord. I like the weight of it and I’ve gotten used to the way the cord pulls tight.

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Pink ribbons are scattering the landscape by companies wanting to show their support of breast cancer awareness and so I tend to be careful to check which charity is specifically being supported so I know where my money is going when I support a variety of causes through my purchases. These Joseph Nogucci bracelets specifically support the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

Nogucci braclet for breast cancer awareness

Show your Support with Joseph Nogucci’s exclusive design for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get the Pink Ribbon Charmballa bracelet. 10% of proceeds go directly to breast cancer charity, BCSC

Nogucci Pink

Joseph Nogucci has a wide range of lovely selections of jewelry choices and here are some specials going on right now.

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(Disclosure: I have a working relationship with Joseph Nogucci. This review is uncompensated other than the free bracelet and the above affiliate link. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)


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