Fiction Blends with Reality: The Patronus Bracelet

Accessory and clothing vendors love creating items that mirror the entertainment that we all enjoy so much. Recently, Joseph Nogucci came out with a “Patronus” bracelet with all the symbolism of one of the world’s favorite wizard series: Harry Potter.

Though I tend to find my teen daughter reaching for the Dr. Who items in Hot Topic, she loves all sorts of collectibles that remind her of favorite movies and TV shows.

There are several symbolic pieces in this bracelet. You can see in the picture that a gold & crystal-embedded shamballa bead is placed between two wings, resembling the Snitch, the  flying item that wins the Quidditch tournaments (a game played out on air-borne broomsticks)  if anyone can catch it.

Opposite the Snitch is a lightning bolt that begins the story when “he who must not be named” tries to kill baby Harry and a lightning shaped scar ends up on Harry’s forehead, forever branding the boy and making him easy to identify.

Ruby red crystals bring to mind the Philosopher’s Stone, a significant item in the first story of the series, and two green-eyed silver owl charms characterize the young wizard’s loyal feathered companion. Black beads with silver stars add a little spark and pizzazz and bring to life the magic.

The whole set is pretty clever and my teen daughter claimed it immediately, given her love of all things fiction and fantastical.


Patronus bracelet

Check out Joseph Nogucci’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and learn where you can buy your own Patronus bracelet among many other lovely items.

(Disclosure: I received a Patronus bracelet for review. All thoughts and options are my own.)


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