Book Review: When the Cypress Whispers



Recently I received a copy of When the Cypress Whispers by Yvette Manessis Corporon and was asked to share who I might hear should the “Cypress Whispers” bring back voices from past generations in my own life. My father comes to mind with his reminders to never push our food with our fingers and to eat with our mouths shut, despite breaking both rules himself in the most endearing ways. Of course, the constant grammar corrections still ring in my head.

In this book, I am reminded how important it is to remember our past and those who made such a difference in our lives in our formative years and to remind my children to appreciate their elders. What a beautiful story Yvette tells here with the glorious backdrop of Greece and the rich historical tie-in. It’s fascinating and I look forward to many more from this author.


On a beautiful Greek island, myths, magic, and a colorful cast of characters come together in When the Cypress Whispers, Yvette Manessis Corporon’s lushly atmospheric story about past and present, family and fate, love and dreams that poignantly captures the deep bond between an American woman and her Greek grandmother.

The daughter of Greek immigrants, Daphne aspires to the American Dream, yet feels as if she’s been sleepwalking through life. Caught between her family’s old-world traditions and the demands of a modern career, she cannot seem to find her place.

Only her beloved grandmother on Erikousa, a magical island off the coast of Greece, knows her heart. Daphne’s fondest memories are of times spent in the kitchen with Yia-yia, cooking and learning about the ancient myths. It was the thought of Yia-yia that consoled Daphne in the wake of her husband’s unexpected death.


Yvette Manessis Corporon is an Emmy Award winning writer, producer and author. She is currently a Senior Producer with the syndicated entertainment news show, EXTRA. With degrees in Classical Civilizations and Journalism from NYU, this daughter of Greek immigrants studied both of her passions. Now, Yvette’s love for her heritage and her writing have come together again in her debut novel, WHEN THE CYPRESS WHISPERS.

In addition to her Emmy Award, Yvette has received several Emmy nominations, a Silurian Award for Excellence in Journalism and The New York City Comptroller and City Council’s Award for Greek Heritage and Culture. Yvette is married to award winning photojournalist, David Corporon. They have 2 children and live in New York. She spends her spare time running, cooking and teaching her children the occasional naughty Greek word in an effort to get them to speak the language.

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