A MUST-SEE: Moms’ Night Out Movie Coming to Theaters May 9

mnomovie If you are a mom, have a mom, are a husband to a mom, a sister to a mom, a brother to a mom or have any other relationship with a mom, you must see the movie Moms’ Night Out. Or, if you are simply a frequenter of tattoo parlors, you may just like seeing Trace Adkins in action as well.

This last week, I actually enjoy three ladies’ nights and in the middle was the movie screening of Moms’ Night Out. I had read that it had Christian values-based overtones and I have watched enough low budget good intention films to worry about film quality but this movie blows all those expectations out of the water.

Allyson, the main character played by Sarah Drew of Grey’s Anatomy fame, begins (intentionally) a little over the top in her perfectionist tendencies and she does something I never found myself doing as my kids were growing up – staying awake because the house is messy. I sleep well – perhaps too well.

In the movie, Allyson invites her best friend and the pastor’s wife, played by the ever fun Patricia Heaton, out on a girl’s night out which does NOT go according to the plan and much hilarity ensues in a fast-paced fun series of bad coincidences that lands most of the characters behind bars.

Patricia Heaton smoothly contributes her relatable warm personality and slapstick “awkwardly humble” schtick to create a “poking fun” look at life as the pastor’s wife in the middle of an overall message blast that we are enough for God as we are and that Jesus loves us for who we are – so slow down, breath and appreciate the beautiful mess of life.

Also featured in the movie was the team blogsite (In) Courage – one of my favorite. Want daily women’s devotionals sent directly to your inbox? Subscribe to their feed via email and you will be blessed.

This a great movie to take friends and family and perhaps a stranger or two. Moms’ Night Out officially arrives in theaters May 9 – just in time for Mother’s Day! What a great gift idea.

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